Issue #1 Out Now!


This winter, The Sea Letter explored the beauty in simplicity. We pondered the design of the universe, and the messages it has in store. We journeyed to a quiet town living in fear, peered inside the mind of an empty man, and discovered the dangers of not staying true to oneself. We learned the value of the beginning, the end, and everything in between.

Our winter 2018 issue is now available for purchase – thank you to the creators who made it possible.


– Zac & Leo, Editors

The Woman in the U Minh Forest

A chapter from The Woman in the U Minh Forest, a novel by Khanh Ha

chapter series (1).png

Rain. Falling on the inn’s red-tiled roof  that slants sharply over the veranda. Sluicing over the low-hanging edge of the roof, falling and glittering in a white-water curtain. The veranda, deep and always shadowy even on a sunny day, surrounds the inn and shields the first-floor rooms from the pelting rain. Bundled up in my raincoat, I quick-step onto the veranda and set down the two bags of groceries and household supplies on the cement floor, next to the entrance door.

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