Executive for a Day

Written by Duane Anderson

Image: Parking Garage by Scott Brennan

Free parking was what I was looking for.
I wasn’t aware that there were
multiple parking sections.
I only saw the garage open
to a business where I was to work that day,
so I entered,
thinking it was just a garage,
somewhere I could park my car.

Little did I know it at the time,
but I found out as I left to go home
that I had parked in the executive
parking garage,
with only one way in and one way out.

All day I didn’t feel like an executive.
I did not sit in an office suite
overlooking the city from the top floor
of the building.
Instead I sat at a table in a hallway,
no window view,
waiting for clients to show up
for their appointments.

Maybe my car felt important all day long,
though it did not tell me
as we left to go home.

This work was featured in issue #4

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