An Angel on a Rock

Written by Irene Betzold
Image: Small by Rollin Jewett

Let’s take a walk,
You and I
Give me your patience,
Trust me.

And the Hawk.

See he’s been here before.
And before that, before.
He could see what I couldn’t.

And I stood, all my hair
Up on end.
Oh, don’t let me scare you.
It is Hawk, your old friend.

Deep in my eyes.
There’s nothing to fear.
The time is near,
The spirit is here.

There’s been a time, or quite a few
I felt God
I was about to fall
Into the deepest chasm, of all the chasms.

Rescued again,
Thank you.

Does a spirit have a name?

Look over;
At the Rock on the shore.
God is there,
Again, and before.

Can you see,
Why Hawk brought you,
To me.
There are signs God wants us to see.

Who knew how he knew,
We all knew, he just knew.

An angel appears!

This work was featured in issue #1

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