Short Walk on a Long Pier

Written by Guy Biederman

Image: Warkworth by Nina Wilson

Floating in the shadows of the ferry where a famous master once zenned, lived a sippy monk on a tippy barge called The China Sea. Each morning he walked the planks with a satisfied shrug, then untied koans of kelpy line until noon.

At lunch he played chess with the seagulls on a skiff, and when high tide arrived, he paddled to the No Name for beer and read Li Po until 2.

No books were written about him. No one came to his door. But his elegant wisdom glittered like sea glass on the ocean floor. Lifting a conch shell to his ear, he heard the whisper of the universe. Placing the shell to his lips, he answered its call.

This work was featured in issue #1

6 thoughts on “Short Walk on a Long Pier

  1. Bill Burke

    Your first stanza is magical, makes me walk the length of the pier willingly. There are some neat verbal surprises such as the zenning master, the sippy monk, tippy barge, and kelpy line. This poem is the real thing.


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